Special issue HIV Aids (in english)

The Origin of Aids and other articles concerning HIV

This page is made by Kwame Ingemar Ljungqvist. Editor of the the Swedish scientific journal "2000-Talets Vetenskap". In translation: "Science of the 21st Century". This page contains information mainly withheld by the scientific establishment. The exposure of this information to the public would degrade the general believe the western world have in science in general and in the medical part of it in peculiar. The articles were written mainly in 1994 with minor uppdates in 1999.

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Treatment of Aids with selenium and silver
Two elements, Silver and selenium, are very efficinet in fighting the HIV/AIDS infection.

African AIDS :
By following the statistics assembled by WHO in Geneva for more than 10 African countries over ten years, it could easily be deduced, that the African continent got its first Aids victims in 1982 in Uganda and South Africa. This is in accordance what have been claimed from African resarch sources. To be remembered, the US epidemic started in 1979.

Aids, the pathogenesis and ten good treatments

Aids, the origin.
A short review of the origin of HIV. The author claims HIV most probably is of laboratory origin.

Aids, the human factor .
About Robert Gallo, who falsely claimed he was the first to isolate HIV. Obviously the foul play performed by Gallo, must have a very sinister, deeper background. Gallos behaviour is in accordance with a planned cover-up of the real truth

Aids, the researcher who was offered in the foul play.
An interview with Mika Popovic, second to Gallo when discovering HIV.

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